ZetBull is a middle-income fund with a diverse marketing that offers depositors to earn from 1.5% on weekdays. The users can invest in dollars and cryptocurrencies from $10, and there is a profitable three-tier affiliate program.

Information about the project

The British investment company offers clients to earn in the stock market and cryptocurrency trading. It has experience in the market since 2019, regularly makes successful transactions and brings profit to its investors. It is enough to transfer funds for management to experienced traders, who will perform all the necessary operations, and the depositor will receive a passive income without any effort.

The site zetbull.com runs on a script from Gold Coders (has a license), in addition to the technical preparation of the fund we can mention the presence of a unique design, a dedicated server, secure data encryption and domain for 10 years. Such a package is able to ensure the correct operation of the resource, and for the users the possibility of freely use of its functionality.

Investment conditions in ZetBull

The fund zetbull.com offers three lines of investment tariffs at once, among which by the amount of the minimum deposit only one plan will be available with a yield accrual of 1.5% on weekdays. This is the shortest investment plan, the invested money will work for 20 working days. The final yield of this plan will be 30% with breakeven at the end of the investment period.

After plans

• Yield: from 555% to 16000% for the term
• Investment period: 35-160 working days
• Deposit amount: $12500-500000
• Breakeven exit: at the end of the term
• Profit size: from 455%

Daily tariffs

• Yield: from 1.5% to 2.5% per day
• Investment period: 20-55 business days
• Deposit amount: $10-200000
• Breakeven exit: from 20 working days
• Profit size: from 30%



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